Friday, 19 August 2011

Quiz night with cake

Okay folks, here I am at last. It has been a while. Once again there are many things to catch up on; I don't know if I can fit them all in today, so I'll start with the two most interesting -  our official Russell and Cake baking projects.

The first of these was my baking basket / hamper for James' school's quiz night. It was for a raffle prize, so I needed to make it look  - and be - worth winning. I decided on a selection of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fudge, coconut ice, chocolate-caramel pecan tarts, and a lemon and coconut cake. Typically, two of my most tried and tested, never fail recipes, didn't seem to come out their best. But hopefully the cookies made up for that. They were some of the best looking chocolate chip cookies I have ever made, I think! the real chocolate chunks really make the difference.

I packaged everything up as beautifully as I could was a very hectic end of week, with lots of baking, babysitting, and going over the budget (ing). But on the night I sold all 100 raffle tickets and I was pretty proud of how it looked.

On top of that I also made little sampler plates for all the quiz tables, with a 'Russell and Cake" business card (thanks Phil) to give us a little exposure.

So here's how it all looked...

With the other prizes

Table treats

 And this is our table of vintage beauties...second place (for the third year in a row!).

I'll be back soon with a recap of Viv's baby shower....

xx Harriet

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