Wednesday, 24 August 2011

B is for Baby..and Boy...and Bedtime...and Book

Well ok , I seem to have developed a 'better late than never' policy towards blogging specific events. So today I have the photos from Viv's baby shower...most of the sweet food was actually Kate's handiwork, as I spent so much time panicking over the previous night's requirements that I didn't have enough left to fulfill my baking promises for this event. I managed a chocolate caramel slice , some greenish coconut ice, russian fudge, and mini ginger cupcakes with lemon icing. Kate, on the other hand, made pikelets, Belgian bikkies, yo-yos, chocolate chip cookies, and a lemon and yogurt cake, ...and I may have missed something else out there!

I'm not sure who provided the savouries but they were super yummy too, lovely club sandwiches and cheesy i'm-not-sure-what-you-call-them 's, all in little portions and set out very beautifully. It was all very high tea and pretty-ish and lots of fun. We played a few estimating the size of Viv's baby belly (apparently not nearly as big as most of us thought! ) and matching celebrities to their babies...I got one out of ten right -they were all guesses (can you tell?) - which just goes to show that I have not been reading nearly enough trashy magazines lately!

Rory and Mila were also there, although Rory was having a bit of an off day, too many strangers, so we left a bit early, while everyone was playing 'guess how much the baby will weigh and what day he will arrive and what his name will be...?'. I doubt I would have had much of a clue on all that anyway..

Viv looked amazing - and no, i'm not just saying that - I guess all I can compare it to is my own pregnancy, but she didn't look at all how I felt at that stage (ie swollen and puffy and obese)...definitely a glowing mummy-to-be. My photography skills did not extend to people very well, so I might just chuck the food pictures in...

And in other non-baking related news....I bought a book from the Hospice Shop in Takapuna the other day (I also really wanted a Holly Hobby cloth picture - super cute - but I didn't have enough pocket money ) and I thought I would share a few pages with you. It was written in 1950 I think...posing as 'bedtime stories', but boy, Uncle Arthur really wants to give us a guilt trip about all our faults and petty behaviours...and this is for children! The fact that each story is indexed under the title 'lesson' says it all...But I love the styling, the decorative inside cover, the fancy (appalling) couloured picture pages...quite fun. I shall be reading it nightly to my outrageously undisciplined children...God and Uncle Arthur will have them sorted in no time!

...then he made this freaky baby

One more project to report on, coming really soon! Truly!

xx Harriet


  1. Thanks Haz and Kate for your wonderful treats at my baby shower! they truly were delicious and looked as amazing as they tasted!!!

    I even tried to recreate kates belgian bikkies(which i loved!!!)last week - but they were an absolute disaster! - might have to pull the old 'i've just had a baby can you please bake me some belgian biscuits in a few weeks time when the boy comes along ... hehe'


  2. it all looks so awsome i can see i am going to have to get some baking lessons from both of you when i am up :) Ema