Sunday, 7 August 2011

Another Weekend....

Another market, and no baking!! Shameful really, but i just kinda ran out of time. I had some very squishy bananas that would have made a great cake, but when i went to transform them this morning they'd gone totally yuck, so into the compost they went.

It was pretty grey in Auckland this weekend but didn't rain as much as predicted so we were able to get out and about, which was cool. On Saturday, Mila went with her Nana to hang out on the shore and Anton and I took Juno out to Wynyard Quarter to check out its grand opening, walk over the cool new bridge, and to grab some lunch. It was pretty packed down on the waterfront, heaps of people milling about- cool atmosphere.

We ate lunch at Queenies Lunchroom (poached eggs on toast, great coffee) and spent up large at eco-store before making our way back to the bus stop.

Later on Anton had to do boring 'house-stuff' so Mila and I danced together for a couple of hours before she went off to bed and we watched the rugby...phew.

Today, Tori and I took the ferry over to Devonport to check out another popular craft market. I took my camera with me but it was so cold and blustery that all my focus was on staying warm and i forgot to take any photos!

The market was cool, Tori bought some yummy rum and raisin fudge and some earrings for her sister. I bought a vege and pesto muffin which was pretty tasty and pretty good value too.

There were a lot of stalls selling baby stuff and it was probably a blessing in disguise that i didn't have any cashola, or Juno would be sporting a dozen new outfits by now, one including a super super cute pink hat with pompoms. I think i will head back to Devo next month and hit the market again with some money in my pocket- there are bargains to be had!

Later i went round to my mum's and Harriet and I did a spot of party planning. We are catering for a baby shower next weekend and Harriet is doing a box of sweet treats as a prize for an upcoming school social event (it's a trivia night, and we've entered a team- scary....).

We have lots of yum things up our sleeve, its gonna be so much fun baking little baby goodies next weekend, i can't wait.  And that was pretty much my weekend- no baking, but lots of family and friend fun time....

Below are some photos of my weekend....

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