Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This weekend just gone was full of baking. For starters Harriet baked an amazing gift basket full of sweet treats for James' school quiz night on Friday and for seconds her and I both did some baking for my friend Viv's baby shower on the Saturday.

Despite that, this is not a baking post as i didn't take any photos of either!! Harriet did and i'm sure that she will post an update soon. (c'mon schwess...)

Both the baby shower and quiz were heaps of fun- our team came second on Friday night, it was only one totally disastrous round that lost it for us and the second- guessing. Oh my gosh that was the worst- the fact that we had written down the correct answers and then went back and changed them grrrr!!

The baby shower was a lot of fun too- we played a few games and ate lots of yummy food. there was another sweet baby called Piper there for Juno to play with and Mila had a great time being the life and soul of the party. Unfortunately she may have eaten a bit too much as later on she threw up everything- it was pretty gross and she was so upset, poor thing.

Despite my good weekend i've been kind of down ever since, i'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because i miss my babies and feel so guilty about leaving them every day to go to work. Perhaps it's because i like my job so much and i feel guilty that i don't miss my children more- i just don't know. Whatever it is, i think i've been annoying everyone close to me especially my sister and Dad and probably Anton too. Sorry guys...

So, in an attempt to get out of my funk, i'm gonna list some of the things i love at the moment starting with this- snow in Dargaville -Oh my god!!! This is where Anton grew up and in all my trips up there, I've never seen it look remotely like this!

Then there's this song, which i love. Don't ask me why but i'm a sucker for bitter, post break up style songs and this one is a doozy.

I also love this website- checking out other people's amazing closets- aaah yes.

And this photo essay by The Selby in Karen Inderbitzen-Waller's house in Sandringham. I want their rabbit.

Then there's food i love at the moment- this website, this blog and this restaurant where Anton, Mila and I had a yummy, super cheap dinner the other night. Where would we be without noodles....

I'm also loving Belgian biscuits. I made them for the first time for the baby shower and then again for the boys at work, and i have to say they were pretty darn good. They may have to be my next go to biscuit i think.

Right, well i'm feeling a bit better already, so that's good. I hope everyone else is faring a bit better...

ps: This is Kate folks, not Harriet- I don't know why but I seem to be coming up as Harriet!!!???

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  1. awwwww Kate you are to hard on yourself. you are an amazing mum (we know this because of how Mila and Juno are) and you have gone back to work there is nothing wrong with that the fact that you are great at what you do and your still there for your family 100% give yourself a break xx
    Ema :)