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Me and my niece, Juno

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Hi, I'm Kate, the big sister (in every way!)... I too am the mother of two little girls - Mila (3 and a half) and Juno (15 weeks) and the girlfriend of Anton. We live in a tiny house in Auckland, which we are currently renovating, and i'd say we live a pretty normal chilled out life.

I spend a lot of time at home, partly because I work from home as a web editor and researcher and mainly because at the moment i've got a small baby in tow... subsequently I find myself baking a lot to help break up the day.

It's not a big deal though because... I love to bake! I think Harriet did a wicked job of summing up the childhood inspirations that lie behond the obsession so if you need a refresher scroll up and reread her text. I should note that another recent inspiration for me is my lovely almost mother-in-law. Anton's mum is a big fan of organic produce, natural therapies, herbal remedies and the whole 'mend and make do' movement and she's a great cook and baker. In fact in Anton's eyes there's no baker better!
She's also a coffee fanatic (read snob) and has taken me to countless great cafe's in her neck of the woods and sat with me in countless cafe's up here too.

Harriet and I have toyed with the idea of opening a cafe' or baking for a living in some way for ages. We both have a fairly similar vision of what our shop would look like, and we both like the same sorts of foods. I'd say we were both more bakers of a rustic ilk as opposed to highly polished fastidious types.... but i can say that our food always tastes good and taste, to us, is what matters most!

Like my sister says you'll need to bear with us while we find our blogging feet, and please don't be shy- let us know what you think about our creations, would you want to eat them? More importantly would you want to pay for them...?

Kate x

P.S I use too many exclamation marks - I know i do it, i see them screaming at me on the screen, but i just can't stop myself from adding them in, they really seem to  sum up whatever i'm trying to convey! (see...) So anyway, apologies for that.

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