Monday, 18 June 2012

Sorry, it's late

I haven't posted since October! It was kind of fun to have a look over the old posts and, more specifically, the photos. Everyone has grown up so much in such a short time. Rory's been at school for almost two months! We've moved house. There are more of us to cook for. We have a new baby now - our puppy, Cody. But where has my baking buzz gone? I really don't know the answer to that one. There have been some baking episodes of course, but unfortunately they're very spaced out, and then not very exciting when i do get round to it. Usually my same old favourites...chocolate chip cookies, ginger cake, muffins. Tasty, but boring.

So I've just been looking over my photos from the past few months to see what's been going on. If anybody's actually reading this, then i'm about to treat you to a quick peek at what life has involved...or some of what was captured on camera, anyhow.

One of many pots of fudge for the school fair

Yummy apricot / malt biscuit slice given the Al Brown treatment

One of my picture nooks

These next few were from the summer holidays...6 months ago!

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! My favourite

My baby off to school......

 Sweet stall stuff...

And all dolled up for the school disco!

Okay so it's not the most exciting return to the world of blogging but i'm going to make more of an effort now, although there might be some other projects thrown in there along with the baking. We've been doing a wee bit of crafting round here lately so i might share some of that with you (no laughing!) . Also, I just read Kate's blog and it turns out I decided the same thing as her...time to give composting a go. So far my effort has resulted in a week's worth of scraps sitting in a bucket starting to stink out the laundry - i haven't quite decided where the compost heap is going to be just yet. But hey, no hurry.

So, I'll be writing again soon. In the meantime, check out this song called 'Skip to the Good Part' which I totally love right now.

Sorry for the boring blog...a bit sleepy now



  1. Time to plan for more of this - John

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