Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've been woefully absent lately i know.  I don't really have a good excuse, just general laziness after work, and, to be truthful, i've been a bit on the apathetic-side when it comes to baking.  I'm trying to lose the last of my post-baby weight and cakes and biscuits are not helping my cause!  That's not to say i haven't been baking them though....

Above is a pic of the chocolate date cake and lemon yoghurt cake i made for the boys at work. I've also made them a batch of chocolate chippies, which seem to have been the most popular so far.  Tomorrow it's my birthday so i'm taking in gingerbread cupcakes with a caramel frosting and some chocolate crunch.  The gingerbread recipe is one of Harriet's- 'moist spicy gingerbread' and it's really good. The caramel frosting is kind of like russian fudge- yum yum (goodbye diet)  The chocolate crunch is my grannie's recipe and is one of my go-to baking items.  Sometimes i think Mila and Anton would be happy if they never had to see another piece of crunch ever again but its just so easy and forgiving to bake and it's the one thing i always seem to have the ingredients for, so i'm always in favour of baking it!

In other exciting news.. my friend Viv gave birth to a gorgeous wee baby boy on the 16th- Luca Waller.  He's a real cutey, you can definitely tell he's a boy, in fact i think he looks exactly like his dad. He's smaller than both my girls were at birth so i felt a bit nervous about holding him at first- it's unnerving having somebody else's life in your hands. And he's quite a jerky fella too- wee little arms and legs moving all over the place.

I don't have much else to report- that's the problem with working all week, it really interferes with your social life!

Below is my life over the past few weeks in iPhone photos- thank you work phone for documenting my boring life :-)  Has anyone out there been up to anything noteworthy?

Kate xx

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