Thursday, 13 October 2011

Return of the Mac

Actually, it's just me..It's school holidays...we're doing a lot of watching...Smurfs..Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...more Smurfs...and Season 4 of Gilmore Girls! Fantastic. I know I haven't posted in about a month and there's been a lot of stuff happening, although shamefully not anything very adventurous on the baking front. There has been lots of food though..and lots of birthdays, a prizegiving, an overseas I'll just give you a few pictures to blend that month into a nice little montage.

Manly yo-yoes

Mila cooking in her playhouse

Kate's birthday chocolate pie with white chocolate apricot truffles...a bit rough looking

Red velvet cupcakes with mint chocolate cake pops for James' friend's 9th birthday

My birthday shoes

Birthday breakfast

three geeky girls

Birthday lunch

Birthday dinner...

Prizegiving at the League Club

Found a picture of my cousin Matthew...

James' airport breakfast

Lunch in Darling Harbour


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