Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rory and June Bug

Okay so it looks like this is going to be another 'photo post', more about the babies than the baking - it would seem unemployment really is taking it's toll. I can't currently justify the expense of exciting ingredients, and i'm getting bored with making the same old unexciting things. Rory and I did make a slice this week - out of her second hand cookbook - but the best part about that was watching her cook and hearing her cute little comments. I'm a big fan of slices in theory...but in practice, there are very few that are ever really spectacular. Maybe i'm just not a good slice chef.

Anyway the rest of my week in pictures involved making juice (from what I have now decided might infact be tangelos..!) and hanging out with Rory and baby Bug. The juicing is super fun; they are so easy to squeeze (i just do it by hand over a sieve), so juicy, and the finished product has such a wonderful colour and taste ...if a little sour, but that's the way I like it.

I will try to do some adventurous ( or just SOME) baking this week, so there is more to the meantime, how can you not adore these cuties..?

 I had fun dressing Juno up, first as a very snuggly puppy ....
And then into some cute girly pieces..

And lastly, pretty in its own way, my "is it a mandarin, is it a tangelo?", either way its yummy, juice...

And if there are any 'm's missing in this post, it's because my keyboard seems to be having issues...don't judge my spelling.

xx Harriet

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  1. We have just been able to comment for some reason, so Harriet first I want to thank you for taking such good care of my girls and love the photos you take, you are very talented in baking and taking pictures. Everything looks so yummy. Dee