Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cupcakes + Craft

It was a beautiful sunny morning today and Kate took me (and Juno) to the Kraftbomb, which is a little craft fair held monthly in a hall in Grey Lynn. There were lots of cute things, and some good looking books, I will definitely have to go back one day if I ever have disposable income! There were also lots of people crowded into the hall - so it was quite hard to move, and to take photos of all the pretty goods on display (especially as I get a bit shy taking pictures in such close quarters!).

Kate picked up this cute little print

Waiting for mummy to have a look around

Afterwards Kate shouted me coffee and a red velvet cupcake (thanks, big sister!). Very yummy, and it was so nice and warm sitting in the sunshine...too hot for a jumper! It felt so summery.

Sweet little girl in the background there...she was out with her Daddy having a cup of 'coffee' and waiting patiently for her toast...cute cute cute!

Then when I got home I made a batch of my own mini cupcakes. Not exactly adventurous - this is a simple Vanilla Cupcake recipe which is incredibly quick and easy to make, but with a pretty tasty result. I was missing the vanilla essence and one egg, but I just substituted a few spoonfuls of vanilla yoghurt instead and that seemed to work. I iced them with a chocolate buttercream icing - a little sloppy but tasty - and, oh lord, won't you buy me a decent piping bag instead of this 2 dollar shop crap!!!


  1. love the photos Harriet. and Kate you look great with your hair down! XX Ema

  2. I agree with Em two beautiful sisters, enjoying each others company, Looks like you both had a lovely time. Dee