Monday, 4 July 2011

Not so nice Caramel Slice

My sister makes the best caramel slice in the world - it's a fact. I noticed this morning that i had an almost full tin of condensed milk in the fridge and decided that i would have a crack at making some too.... problem is, i couldn't find the recipe and i didn't want to bug Harriet, which seems to be all i ever do!
I was just about to give up on the idea of some caramelly goodness, when i noticed that the very tin in my hands hads a recipe for caramel slice on it- fate !

This recipe is different from Harriet's in that the base has brown sugar and no cocoa and the caramel is brought to the boil and cooked for a full five minutes before it is spread on the base. The base in this recipe is also par baked before the caramel layer is added. The topping is meant to be melted cooking chocolate, but i had none on hand so stuck with a chocolate glace' icing - the same as Harriet's slice.

Well i have just eaten some and while it's nice, i have to say it's not a patch on my sisters - this one is very sweet and there's not enough cocoa to cut through the richness of the caramel. I gave some to Mila and she seemed pretty impressed but all in all i think it could be improved on. 

While i'm talking up my sister's baking prowess, I should also mention that we went out for coffee last week at a cute bakery and she brought a caramel and nut tart to try and we both agreed it wasn't nearly as good as the ones she invented at our mum's last month - so i guess there's hope!

And for all of you wondering how it is i can eat caramel slice at all, given Juno's dairy status- well i've decided to wean her. a) because i have a job( woo hoo, holy shit) and b) because i stupidly ate eggs Benedict the other day and made her miserably, miserably sick presumably because of all the butter in the hollandaise. So an executive decision was made- special formula only for this kiddo, from this day forward. I'll think about offering some solids too in about a month.....

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