Thursday, 19 January 2012

12 for 2012

The last time i posted anything was over two months ago- scandalous. I'd promised to bake a cake and over the course of the last two months i have honestly done that, quite a few times in fact, but i failed to document it and subsequently never wrote about it.

Now i could go on about how slack i am, which is surely fairly obvious to all, but i figured instead i would talk about my plans for 2012 and the future of this blog. You see one of my aims this year is to get better at touching base through my blog. I don't think anyone really reads it but i know that family do and i guess its a pretty good way for them to keep up with what's going on in my corner of the world.

I hope that Harriet comes back to the blog too, because in all honestly she is the true talent in the kitchen and offers the most when it comes to talking about and creating delicious morsels, but ultimately that decision is up to her.

I will try and make most of my blogs about some of the baked goods i have a go at making, but occasionally it might just be a whinge, a moan or a spiel about what me, Anton and the kids have been up to- scintillating stuff.

Anyway, I digress. Plans for this year. Well they are grand, of course. I fully intend to win the lottery and then buy a house and go on a massive holiday with the family - preferably to Paris and Croatia, but I'm open to suggestions. I've also made some resolutions that don't focus so much on losing weight and becoming more attractive (which, lets face it if it hasn't happened by the time you're 32, it's probably not gonna happen).  Instead, i'm just going to focus on being less critical about myself, and more sort of rational about how my body really looks.

I also plan on seeing more music live, getting out and doing more with the kids on the weekend, writing more and saving a little bit of cash (this is surely the hardest task for a gal like me...).

Good goals i reckon...

Now, a segue. Lets talk about the 12 awesome courgette and feta fritters i made for dinner earlier this week.  A really simple batter from my new Annabel Langbein cookbook which was mainly just a bit of flour and eggs, plus a whole heap of grated courgette, feta, mint, lemon juice and chives.  They were really, really good and the whole family liked them. Except for Mila, who got distracted by a new neighbour up the back and was allowed to leave the table early so she could go and blow recorders with her through a gap in the fence - sweet.

Kate x


  1. Welcome back. Your blogs have been missed.

  2. thanks, lets hope i stick at it this time!