Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dairy Free Pikelets

It's me again (Kate), just here to fill you in on how my dairy-free pikelet making went yesterday....

As mentioned i decided to work from Alexa Johnston's recipe in 'Ladies a Plate', using an olive oil spread in place of butter and some rice milk. The original  recipe offers the option to add a Tablespoon of golden syrup to the mix, which normally i would do, but this time i left it out as i find the rice milk really sweet.

I have to say the pikelets were surprisingly nice (i was a bit apprehensive) and Anton and Mila seemed to like them too, and Anton is definitely the type of guy to turn his nose up at rice milk!I have put the recipe in down below, if anyone wants to have a go at making them either for themselves, or for someone you know with a lactose intolerance.

Kate x

My trusty helper. Please don't judge me on the state of my kitchen....

Pikelet Recipe
Beat one egg and two tablespoons of caster sugar together until fluffy. 

Into this add 3/4 cup of rice milk, 1 cup of flour, 1 tsp of baking powder and 1 Tbsp of melted olivani (read:any olive oil spread, be careful some have milk solids in them) 

Mix this all together quickly and lightly until lumps are out and mix has come together.

Then heat a pan and grease and place spoonfuls of the mix in. When bubbles appear, flip the pikelets over and cook on the other side.  They are best served warm - we had ours with golden syrup.

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