Saturday, 28 May 2011

Epic Fail

Do you ever have those baking days when everything you attempt turns out to be a total disaster? The other day i decided to try and bake a raspberry macaroon slice out of a cookbook at my mothers. The slice is an interpretation of Louise cake except that the bottom layer resembles more of a chocolate brownie.

The middle layer was meant to be raspberry jam, which i decided to substitute with strawberry as it was all we had in the house. To start with I didn't have the correct slice tin (was baking at my mum's house) so had to split the mixture between two incorrectly shaped tins, which i think was my first mistake!

Secondly i was not paying proper attention to the recipe and piled all the macaroon ingedients into the mixer at once only to realise that that the flour and coconut were meant to be added after the eggs and sugar were whipped into a light and fluffy frenzy! Not to be deterred, i tried to remedy the situation by scooping out as much of the dry ingredients as possible before starting the beater- it obviously didn't work though because the macaroon layer turned out as hard as concrete!

What's worse - the bottom brownie layer didn't cook properly so had a slightly raw quality to it. Weirdly though it tasted quite good fresh out of the oven, so good in fact that we all ate too much of it and then promptly felt sick and never wanted to look at it again. the next day however, i tried to reincarnate it as a pudding by reheating in the oven and serving with ice cream -this was pretty good, but really sickly and the topping threatened to break teeth.

All in all not my finest work! I'm putting this one in the 'let's not repeat it' category.....


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